Word choice matters. It’s worth a moment to even consider the phrase “word choice.” Every time we speak — “Person of color” vs. “Ethnic minority;” “Overweight” vs. “Fat” — we are making a decision. Taking a stand. Choosing sides. Framing the conversation.

Perhaps more enlightened word choices can come about by changing minds. And perhaps the way to change minds is to disrupt the unenlightened use of language, thereby creating a dialogue that facilitates a deeper understanding of another’s humanity.

A fictional take on the real-life use and misuse of words and phrases, #relanguager captures so-called teachable moments, when one person challenges another’s assumptions by attacking the ill-considered language applied to concepts and to people.

#relanguager characters are fictional. Many are fed up. Some are sharp-tongued. All are incisive in their re-languaging of prejudiced comments.

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